Freedom's Shopping List - Gemini 105

One of the frustrations I just had to fix when we went cruising is the fact that all grocery stores are set up differently. I'm sure they have a reason but I believe their primary reason is to ensure you always shop at their store because you know where things are. Therefore I had to create a system that made it easier for us to shop in all of the different stores in all of the different towns.

My system was to create an excel spreadsheet which includes all of the items we typically purchase at the store. I'm giving you the file so you can modify the spreadsheet according to your own tastes. Of course you have to have Excel in order to download it.

The list is grouped into sections such as canned goods, packaged cold, meats, and more swiss replica watches. That way when we get to a section in the store we can just pick up what we need. It doesn't matter if the breads are first or last in the store. Once we pick up an item in the store we then cross it off the list.

I typically print about 20 of these lists when we get low and keep them in our navigation station. When we run out of an item on-board, we pull out a new list and simply highlight the item. We continue this process of highlighting items until we have about 3 good sized bags of groceries highlighted. Then comes the final look through the refrigerator to ensure we aren't getting ready to run out of something and also add any new recipe items to the list before we go shopping. Most of the time we can use our bikes although other times we walk or catch a bus. We typically carry a soft sided backpack cooler along with two canvas bags to make carrying our purchases much easier because we can carry more in the bags. In addition, we don't have those plastic bags to deal with when we get back to the boat. If I find we are adding an item under other all the time, I then modify the spreadsheet to add it to our list.

Of course when we get back to the boat, we de-junk all of the packaging. We try to throw away every bit of packaging we can so we don't have as much trash later when we are moving.


This is the link to the file for Freedom's shopping list. A picture of the list is below.

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