Visitors Page for S/V Freedom - a Gemini 105 - Jim and Deb Faughn

We put this page together as we were leaving since some of our friends and family were trying to figure out when they might want to come visit. In addition, we included a "tip sheet" about the boat and visiting Deb wrote a few years ago when a friend (John Gerwitz) was coming to visit who had never stayed on a boat before.


We love visitors. We find about a week to be a good stay although if we are sailing someplace that will probably be longer. We will talk before hand to make sure your expectations and ours match up. Our goal is that we will both have a good time! We will try to keep up the log below of people who are visiting and when. In addition, I will work at updating our plan off of the main page so you can see where we plan on going. We do ask that you email about possible plans and then we will work everything out. By the way, we need a week between visitors so you will find someone on the boat that is happy and ready for you.

Carol K. - Currently planning on coming down Jan 10th - 15th. This is tentative while checking on the boat that runs from Ft Myers Beach to Key West. What a way to travel. Take a fast cruising shuttle down to stay on a sailboat for a number of days and then fast cruise back home.

Julie G. - Jan 25 - Jan 29, 2007 - Key West
Anna F. - Jan 25 - Feb. 5, 2007- After spending time at Key West with Julie we will go to the Dry Tortugas for about 3 days and then back to Key West. If the weather turns bad and we can't get back, Anna will return on a tour boat to make her flight.

Lee and Mary - Feb 14 arrive 9 pm - Feb 20 leave 4:30 pm - Key West and some sailing.

Julie S. - Anna's friend from Boston - Day sail on a day between Feb 24 - 29th.


Tips and What to bring. The real list -

As a general idea, if you will be staying with us, what you should bring should be compact. The room you will be staying in is small so there isn't much storage space for a steamer trunk if you get the idea. Besides, you are on vacation and cruising at that. It is a good idea to try to pack in something that can fold up. You could bring a suitcase but I don't know that you would really enjoy sleeping with it.

So here is the list. Camera (you will love the sunsets), shorts, T-shirts, shirt or two for happy hour or a beach restaurant, swim suit, towels, sunglasses, sandals & white or light soled shoes (so you don't mark up the deck), plan on helping out a bit with groceries and whatever you want to drink. (Key West is "wet" so finding adult beverages is no problem. The Dry Tortugas is "dry" and you can't even get water.) Just in case it turns cooler you might want to also bring a long pair of paints, long sleeved shirt and a light jacket. Of course, any personal hygiene items should be included and sheets are icing on the cake if you can fit them in. For the most part that's about it. If you want to fish, we will help you pick up a fishing license at a local store. Of course you will want to come prepared to have a great "laid back" time and leave work and problems at home.

Back in 2001 when we first acquired our boat s/v Freedom, Deb and John Gerwitz came up with this "tongue in cheek" list below for going to our boat on Kentucky Lake. That was when we were driving down for the weekends.

A Tribute to John Gerwitz

John Gerwitz made the transition from "Landlubber" to "Good Sailor Man" (well, almost). He has created this simple guide for people who have not stayed on a sailboat.

John is sailing in the after-life today and we hope you enjoy the humor and wish John safe sailing.

Good Sailor - Bad Sailor

Good Sailor..... Bad Sailor.......
Brings on board food, drink, clothes, towels, sheets, sun glasses and a great attitude. Gets on board expecting a feeding every two hours and a house keeper.
Never puts paper in the head and goes "#2" by departure and on shore when possible.


"What's a head?"

Treats the fiberglass with care and respect. Treats the fiberglass like a concrete sidewalk when breaking up a big of ice.
Leave the sailing time-table up to the Captain (who leaves it up to the weather.) Brings a phone, beeper and palm pilot to schedule the cruise by and reminds the Captain they will be 15 min late.
Enjoys the music. Insists on Cajun Rap and Elvis impersonators.
Takes nothing but photos. Says, "I think these are my sun glasses, my cooler cup, my....."
Only brings on board what you can keep in your room. Trashes the boat like they would a room at the Ritz Carlton.
Enjoys God's beauty.

Complains about the wind, waves, rain, flys, and mosquitoes.

Offers to help in any way. Waits for a cabana boy to stop by with foo foo drinks.
Leaves the boat better than they found it. Just leaves......


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