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Deb and I were talking about places we would definitely go back to for a vacation along with places we will look at when we are finished cruising for possibilites to live. We were at anchor and thought we would start this list for you. We recognize you should do your own research but I have to tell you each of these towns has a flavor of it's own and we don't think you would be disappointed with spending time in each of them.

Pensacola, FL - We love the Naval Airstation and the museum. In addition, the town has many festivals each year and of course the Blue Angles typically perform each July 4th week at Pensacola Beach. The white beaches are amazing and we see this area as less "touristy" as Destin, FL although Destin has the fishing fleet.

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Tarpon Springs, FL - This town has a GREEK flavor and of course the rich history of the sponge fisherman. You can walk the town and see everything. If we were doing this by car it would probably be a weekend trip. The food was also great.

Details in our Cruising Logs at the end of November 2006

Key West - Of course this isn't the place to take your kids although many do. They have it all from tours, water, snorkeling, air flights to the Dry Tortugas and of course the night life. I have to add, you should never go to Key West without hearing, my friend, George Victory play his guitar. He is truly amazing. Of course there are a number of other musicians in the area too but II have to say, redundantly, George is great.

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Stuart, FL - This is a small town and it has that small town atmosphere. They have great shops in the old town along with a number of very good restaurants. They proclaim themselves the Sailfish capital of the world and I'm sure the fishing is very good. This would be a great 3 day weekend spot unless you are planning on going fishing and then it would be longer.

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St. Augustine, FL - This has to be one of the best kept historic towns we have been to on our trip. The town has kept true to their architecture and did not let the people of the 70's infringe on the architecture with modern buildings. (By the way, I love modern buildings but not here.) In addition, they have great places to visit from the musuems to the shoping in old town with coblestone streets. It is simply a place you can visit for a week and still have places you wish you would have seen. You will find the entire town embraces their history with cannons firing from the Fort on the weekends.

If you go to this town you must hear the Bilge Rats and of course have a drink on Scarlot's O'Hara's porch.

Details in our Cruising Logs of the end of April 2007


Beaufort, SC - If you ever wanted to get a bit laid back but still enjoy great restaurants, music (on the weekends) and see the old south, then Beaufort is a great place to visit.

The homes and the trees are worth walking past a number of times. They also have a number of shops in the older part of town along the waterway which are staffed with very friendly people. A town that is worth visiting even if you simply sit on the swings in the city park next to the waterway.

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