The Plan - Very loose - after all, we are enjoying life regardless of the obstacles.

Overall our plan is to leave Green Turtle Bay in mid October 2006, stop by Pensacola, Florida about the second week of November and see my Father for a few days. Next we will move along the northern coast of Florida to Panama City and then cross over to the western side of Florida. We will then be making our way down the coast and on to Key West around Christmas and for a few months. We expect to see the Keys and then start in mid spring up the Atlantic side. Hopefully we will see a space shuttle take off but that is for NASA to schedule rather than us. Next our plan is to jump off-shore several times to test our sea legs and see how we do. Ultimately we will be in Chesapeake Bay by hurricane season 2007.

After staying in the Chesapeake and a side trip home for doctors and friends we will depart for the Bahamas for the next winter. Following that season we will return north to New York and possibly Boston for hurricane season. The next winter we will decide between the Bahamas and Florida but I'm betting on the Bahamas right now. Then we will return to Kentucky Lake for the hurricane season and an extended visit with family and friends.

Soon will be decision time. At this point we will know what we can do and our boat. I am hoping we will go through an extended cruise of the Caribbean and then the Panama Canal to the Galapagos, Marquesas Islands, through the South Pacific and on to Australia and New Zealand for hurricane season. After a year or so, ship our boat back to San Francisco and tour the west coat with a major stay in the Sea of Cortez. Next it will be back through the Panama Canal and new decision time. What is our health? What do we still think about the boating life? Do we want to get back into a professional life or go back to work? Where would we want to live? All questions we will answer after the next six to eight years of experiencing what more of the world has to offer.

We look forward to experiencing and enjoying life as we determine our next adventure.

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