Gemini 105M  - Freedom's Projects - Jim Faughn

Bahamas Trip May/June 2012 - Trip we are taking to the Abacos with some other boats who haven't been. If you haven't been to the Bahamas, you will want to read this "project" before you go. It should make it easier for you.
Honda 2000i Starter Cord Replacement - What I learned about replacing the starter cord since I couldn't find this anywhere on the web
Tenn-Tom Waterway - A tutorial with links of what I've learned about the charts and water level forecasts.
Asymmetrical Spinnaker - Selecting and flying the asymmetrical
Shopping List - My Excel Spreadsheet to help with shopping
Paloma to Excel Water Heater - I changed out the old water heater to a new instant on unit
Water Valve Modification - I changed the three way water valve and remounted it
Bilge Pump - I added a big bilge pump before we started to do offshore passages
Sail Trim - What I've learned about sail trim on the Gemini
Manson vs. Rocna - Selecting a new anchor for Freedom
Chart Navigator Pro to Garmin 492/498 - How to connect the Computer to the GPS and transfer routes
Garmin 492/498 to ST4000 - How to interface to the autohelm
FCC License - Maritime for International Waters
Transmission Replacement
Inside Door Lock
Rudder and Outdrive Alignment
Auxilary Starting Battery
Motor Mount Replacement and Alignment

Bottom voids and wave slap fix

Update - Bottom Fairing
Storage Cabinet above AC/Heat Unit
Cover for Boat, Dingy, Generator, and Take up Sail Cover
Washdown Pump
Holding Tank Viewing Port
Mast Climbing
Soft Sided Cooler Conversion
Replacing Impeller and adding Speed Seal
Water Tank Leak Fix
Mast Leak and Repair

Replacing Hatch Cover Plexiglass
Winterization List
Rebuild Injectors
Replace Windows
Shade Cover
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